We help you to grow!

You want to grow your business with a new product?
You want to expand to a new market such as the EU?
You face fierce competition limiting your growth path?

We help you to successfully grow your business - fast and focussed, flexible and at transparent costs! 

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Successful Growth

Applied Market Strategy
Know thy Opponents
Business Development

Growth rarely happened just by itself. It is a hard to manage process. Companies on a growth path should avoid one thing - super-costly trial and error! We provide you with all the necessary actionable information to plan your Go-to-Market strategy successfully.

The plan is the first casualty of combat - if competition is not on the radar. A thorough understanding of the competitive landscape is a must for any successful growth strategy. What you need to know depends on what you want to do. Whatever it is, we find the information for you.

Last but not least network and partnerships are more often than not crucial for market success. We can help to find the right partners and make the necessary contacts.
Talk to us to create a taylored solution for your ambitions.

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Is Europe your new target market?

Move Fast in Europe
Beat the Competition
Make Local Friends and Allies

When advancing to a new territory it is of extreme value to work with experts, who know the new market inside and out - such as us. Market dynamics in the EU could be very different and local information is vital for a effective Goto-Market strategy. We help you creating your first beach-head in the EU to navigating the rough waters of unknown market dynamics to managing an intensive growth period.

Only limited by the ethics of business conduct we provide you with all the information you need to stay ahead of the competition, find the gaps in their strategy, products and tactics and act accordingly.  

You are looking for partners to target the new market? European partners are of crucial importance to your business success - we help you to understand the partnering opportunities and even find and introduce the right partners to you.  

Come to Europe

Ready for Action

Bring us your challenge and test us! We will be working with you to define the game plan or a focussed issue, mile stones and corresponding KPIs for maximum transparency - and then make it happen.

We can draw upon decades of experience in the IT Business resulting in a uptodate, in-depth market expertise, understanding the market mechanics way beyond textbook knowledge and thorough network in the industry.
Our service are delivered based on a cutting edge software environment we code-named "corteX IO" for efficient analysis and agile decision making. We are constantly extending our solution environment together with the Institute for Human Engineering and Process Optimization, University of Kassel, to ensure process efficiency and state of the art usability  

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About Us

As a team of specialized IT niche experts with decades of experience ready to build your business with you. With us you grow your business faster, more effectively and avoid the most costly pitfalls awaiting you. Find out more about us at   Linkedin     Xing       SlideShare

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