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 future-proof software solutions that solve tangible customer challenges today.

We work with software companies to bring their product to the enterprise software market - with all it takes to be successful, regardless of size, region or background.

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Some companies we are working with

The Enterprise Software Market - Highly profitable, but not an easy win

The ERP software market is complex, n-dimensional and networked. Only with a unique combination of technical skills, knowledge of market and competition and a solid network in the eco-system makes possible to find your way in, to position and market your solution at the right place and time.
Here are examples of clients and their products we work with. There is one central theme to all of them: tangible solutions to pressing customer problem with fast time to value. They all help their customers to steady the ship and handle complexity in times of change.

pb-con Visual Analyser

The pb-con Visual Analyser is the only solution to make your SAP system landscape and its API Topology transparent again. All APIs are analysed and documented. Customers get ready to face the changes, the future SAP architecture has in store

In the News: The pb-con Visual Analyser is now the SNP Interface Scanner. Please visit the SNP Website for further information.

OverCast - A Vigience & NEC Solution

You are looking for a secure and efficient SAP / Salesforce integration solution, where you never have to leave your Salesforce environment? Then consider OverCast. OverCast is 100% cloud, 100% SalesForce and 100% agile.

Industry specific Business Component Libraries are available to even further reduce the implementation effort and time.

We are continuously search for software solutions, that help customers manage complexity, leverage change to their advantage and make IT more agile. The following areas of work are typical further examples for our work. If you feel, you need more information, do not hestitate to contact us at any time.

Smart Data Opportunities

Data is the new gold, they say. Exaggerated as this might be - for any Big Data strategy, for any shift in architecture or implementing a new application suite - there is the pressing need to move data from A to B as fast and effortless as possible. We are working with companies developing solutions for precisely this challenge. We also have a name for it: Smart Data Opportunies.

Standard SAP training modules

Especially the SAP (TM) world is going through significant changes with the introduction of SAP HANA, SAP BW on HANA and SAP S/4 HANA. Together with the WeeDooCare GmbH we created a comprehensive set of training modules to get SAP customers on top of the wave - technologically sound, no hidden agenda and directly on your premises.

Specials: Market Intelligence tools

Software and Big Data has come to the field of Market and Competitive Intelligence with a bouquet of new possibilities and opportunities. We are continuously monitoring the field to improve our own services aswell as supporting other companies in the field of Market and Competitive Intelligence.
The LPV-con is also an honorary member of the DciF e.V. to spread the word.

Specials: Non-Profits Organisations

The Non-Profit sector (german: Sozialwirtschaftlicher Sektor) is notoriously underserved, especially in Germany, when it comes to strategic and tactical business consulting. The GWK mbH offers a comprehensive scanning tool for Non-Profits to understand their situation and plan next tactical or strategic moves accordingly.


We think of our engagements more in terms of a cooperation and a partnership with our clients than in terms of services and billable hours. Here is an overview of the taylored services we provide for our clients. The service portfolio has evolved over the years into what it is today. Practice, rather than theory, has shown that those service are the most helpful.

The categories are not mutually exclusive however. Every service can be combined with another or extended, if required. Pricing models also are adapted and streamlined to customer needs. We offer a variety of models including: (hu)mandays, flatrate or revenue share, please check for details below.

Market Intelligence

Market information Size, potential customers, revenue expectations aswell as trends and market specific dynamics all combine into a realistic picture of your target market. This is what needs to drive your decisions and strategies.
By no means we suggest that you should blindly follow and copy, but you need to know where they are at, what they do and whether or not they will attack.
Positioning Positioning in rather rough terms means "Finding your niche". This is more an art than a science and nevertheless it is one of the crucial points of any Go-to-Market attempt.
Availability Worldwide
Flatfee model Possible
Customizable Yes
Choose Plan

Product Management

Requirement definition Agile programming is not "anyhing goes". Typically requirements need be gathered, evaluated and prioritized, Standard bodies, regulations. technical trends and legal issues need to be taken into account.
Design thinking Design thinking is a customer driven process, which complementes requirement definition. It defines the usefulness/ usability of a product.
Scrum support Agile programming follows rules, which typically consists of the SCRUM approach. The theoretically easy process is in practice a hard to manage, experience based balance of control and flexibility.
Availability DACH
Coaching mode
Customizable Yes
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Biz Developement 
As a newcomer you need to move fast, find potential prospects and build business relationships. We are very well networked and we build up the network for you fast
Partnermanagement You never walk alone . The choice of OEMs, resellers or development partners is a another crucial decision. We help you to find and select the right members of your partner eco-system.
Sales Representation In certain, every limited cases we will be happy to temporarily fill gaps in your Sales and Pre-Sales team e.g. if you have a delay in hiring or need to build up momentum before you do.
Availabilty DACH
Revenue share Possible
Customizable Yes
Choose Plan


Together with the WeeDooCare GmbH we provide standardized training modules for SAP HANA, SAP BW on HANA and SAP S/4 HANA.
Anything  means: whatever service we offer, we are also open to train your people in that skill or knowhow. That skills your people up and makes you independent of 3rd party support in midterm.
Find a Trainer
You need a training we do not offer? No problem, call us anyway - we find a suitable expert for you!
Avaiability Europe wide
Flatfee model Possible
Customizable Yes
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Need more Data Points ? Please contact us.

Company Information

Claus Neugebauer has been working in the software industry for more than 20 years with large software companies, including SAP AG. He has been holding leading positions in development, product management and strategic marketing. After he started his own business, he has been successfully serving clients in Germany, USA, Japan and the Middle East.
He has been visiting lecturer at the Institute of Engineering Psychology University of Kassel. Find part of the course material in German on the future of the human-computer-interface here.

In addition he is a honorary member of the DciF e.V. Germany. In his spare time Claus is sustaining member of the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institute (DAI) in Heidelberg and the Zen Dojo Heidelberg

Claus Neugebauer
Founder / Geschäftsführer

The LPVcon GmbH is located in the beautiful city of Heidelberg, Germany. The history of Heidelberg can be traced back to roughly the 8th century. Heidelberg is world famous for its castle and the romantic Neckar valley. Its university was founded in 1386 AD and it is one of the oldest institution of its kind in Europe.
Besides the awesome beauty and history of Heidelberg, it is less than 15 miles away from the European HQ of SAP AG, where SAP R/2, R/3 and S/4 HANA were invented. More than 7000 people work on the Walldorf campus. A few 100 SAP partners have offices on the campus.
Heidelberg is also located in short driving distance to the German HQs of IBM and HP and other high tech companies in Böblingen. Heidelberg itself hosts the European Training Centre of SAS. The Software Clusters Karlsruhe and Darmstadt are home to the highest density of software companies and startups in Germany.


LPVcon, the LePrusseVolant Consulting GmbH
Represented by:  Claus Neugebauer

Address:  Rombachweg 5-1, 69118 Heidelberg, GERMANY.
Trade Register: Mannheim.
Corporate Domicile: Heidelberg
Sales ID Number  DE266404257
Managing Director: Claus Neugebauer

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